Culture Management Maturity Assessment

Thanks for taking our culture management maturity assessment. The purpose is to help you get a better understanding of where you stand in terms of the work you do internally to support and nurture an effective workplace culture. The questions are based on a Maturity Model that we at Human Workplaces have developed (and we'll send you the white paper on the model when we send your results!).

You will be asked to provide some contact information, and then there are 21 simple multiple-choice questions for you to answer. Be honest, and if you are unsure of which answer is correct for you, choose the less advanced level. It should only take you 10-15 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Your survey responses will be strictly confidential. The results will be sent in a PDF format, and ONLY to the email address you provide on the next page. If you have questions feel free to email Jamie Notter (

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